Excellence Nissan X-Trail Facelift 2500 cc

Nissan X-Trail Mobil SUV Tangguh dan Sporty Terbaik – Car SUV worthy various fields on the All New Nissan X-Trail, first issued in 2001 and then changed into a facelift in 2009 to make the car more attractive. Nissan X-trail has a concept SUV formidable 2500cc engine and high ground clearance to support heavy field trip, but the car’s suspension is incomparable to Kela SUV, a very fine suspension such as suspension sedan embedded on the All New¬†Nissan X-Trail. The car is very comfortable to drive in urban areas due to the soft suspension can also be used for travel on uneven terrain because it supported a high ground clearance, powerful 2,500cc engine and CVT transmission system of the latest technology of automatic transmission systems.

The exterior design Nissan x trail. As with other SUV’s exterior design is a concept car designed stout / strong impressive this car is an SUV, support high ground clearance and the number of lighting equipment on the car impressive the car is ready to be driven on rough terrain in darkness. Namely a pair of fog lights embedded in the front bumper ready mist night, a couple of lamps on the roof rail section on the car ready to highlight and provide illumination evenly, three kinds of taillights that supports lighting driver when the car is running backwards, and the main lights front which has a mode of day / night complement this car.

The interior of the Nissan X-trail is very luxurious, soft upholstery pad covering the entire dashboard to the door panels make the car seem soft and luxurious. Chrome also coat interior parts such as steering angle, audio angle, gear lever panel and AC sides of the front of which are wrapped in chrome to give the impression of sporty and luxurious. The material was also made very good seats available in a choice of two types of skin on the top X trail.Nissan X-Trail Mobil SUV Tangguh dan Sporty Terbaik Car with five passengers also provides trunk design that is unique to be able to load goods to travel bermedan weight very well, accompanied trunk lid modern and drawers in the trunk enhanced with shock absorbers luggage makes this car ready is used to carry items up and secure.

Car cooler or air conditioner this car very much, other than the front seats there are 4 blowing cold air (blower) on the line Kedia this car also has two blowers can spray cold air in the passenger seat of the rear, the design of the AC line to two very special and still rare Indonesia found in the car. The interior x trail unique is their beverage cooler in the dashboard (are like a refrigerator), this beverage cooler will keep the drinks remain in the fresh state because the drinks will didigingkan through cold air conditioning piped into the dashboard connected with bottled drinks.
Nissan x trail steering system is designed as a luxury car (alphard) in which the steering nissan x trail can be adjusted according to the driver’s seat position, it will bring its own kenyamann while driving. In part we can find a cluster meter standard meter on the speed, the temperature of the car, the fuel in the tank and has been accompanied MID.

Features Nissan X-trail that can be enjoyed include:
1. Lights hingh Mount Stop Lamp
2. Double airbags (front)
3. The design of the car body to safety using technology Zone boy concept and Side impact beam
4. Intelligent Key
5. Audio: Touch screen CD / DVD and support for iPod
6. Immobilizer and measuring the temperature inside and outside the cabin.

In addition to some of the above advantages there are some disadvantages Car Nissan X trail, among others:
1. Auto parts are rare and relatively expensive
2. Consumption of cars is quite wasteful
3. To lower the car’s lap less ferocious

Cultivation Kopi Luwak Profitable

Speaking of civet coffee, coffee is not already clear from the coffee cherries in quotation then dioalah and brewed into a cup of coffee, but a coffee that is first eaten by animals related to the mongoose. Luwak coffee is very global and even taste very delicious when compared with other types of coffee such as coffee arabica and robusta.

Coffee beans that have been eaten civet going on in fermentation in the stomach mongoose then came out and the seeds are ready for processed later in production. Luwak coffee is derived from our beloved country Indonesia Raya although it is found in the State Philippines. Our own nation know civet coffee in the era of the Dutch government, at which time it is allowed to consume fruit orchard laborers coffee has fallen and in feeding the animals mongoose.
Civet coffee

And that is in the habit believe that native civet coffee comes from Indonesia. Cultivation to produce the civet coffee itself is quite simple, you just need coffee the ripe and provides a mongoose in your home, but the gains were in can be very tempting and makes the contents in your wallet thick. Well before you do civet coffee cultivation helps you to know more about the civet coffee.

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Luwak coffee itself consists of two types, the first yaang civet coffee comes from wild civet droppings or located around the estate and the second coffee badger derived from civet droppings benign or captivity. However civet coffee derived from wild civet droppings that is having a very high selling prices.

Well here we will provide information regarding the cultivation of civet coffee that comes out of captivity, see the full review of the process of cultivation Kopi Luwak Profitable

Cultivation process Kopi Luwak Profitable

Provide Coffee Fruit Quality
In producing civet coffee you have to do is to provide coffee that has really cook. For this type of coffee is up to you, the most important coffee beans has been really ripe and fresh. Coffee fruit has been flushed and ready to give to the mongoose.

Read Type Type of coffee

And to get the coffee is ripe you can buy to farmers or you can membudiayakan own coffee. Of course by using coffee from the cultivation itself would be much more profitable. Now for the procedure how to cultivate coffee you can menyikmaknya in this article How to Grow Coffee

Animals provide Civet
To get the beans of things you have to do is provide the mongoose itself. Keep mongoose in select are mongoose-old, healthy and really was able to eat the coffee fruit.

If you already have these animals Give the civet coffee in the cage, pick coffee cherries are really nice so directly memakanya mongoose. You should know, civet coffee will eat fruit really ripe and fresh, so if you give unripe coffee mongoose do not expect to be eating it.

Production Method Kopi Luwak
To meet the increasing market demand to be the civet coffee, entrepreneurs and businessman started doing civet coffee cultivation in particular that the request is fulfilled, well below the production process of this delicious coffee

Prepare a good coffee and fruit quality, then the fruit in the selection and in the wash to clean
Once in the wash, fruit given to the civet, the coffee until this stage is still in the selection again by the mongoose. Mongoose itself has a very good sense of smell so that he knows where quality fruit for him to eat.
Once eaten, wait until the issuing of civet droppings or fases, generally taking the dirt is done every morning
Take civet droppings or fases containing coffee beans.
Wash in running water until clean
After that dry in the sun to dry the coffee beans, coffee beans that have been eaten civet still have a horny layer or epidermis to be cleaned again.
Done, after the coffee beans successfully taken from civet droppings, and in the wash in running water and then washed and dried in the sun to be beans.
The civet beans can be further proceedings.

The origins of Kopi Luwak

Coffee lovers spread all over the world must know the difference between lies the enjoyment of any steeping cup of coffee available. His name is Kopi Luwak. Coffee beans produced from animals that makes the ferret-quality taste. For more details again, I try to invite you to know our nation’s history to know civet coffee and how to process until the beans are out of the hole civet droppings received worldwide recognition as a coffee ternikmat.

kopi luwak coffee

Origins of Kopi Luwak Coffee proposal was very closely connected with the history of coffee cultivation in Indonesia. Initiated by the Dutch who opened a commercial crop plantations in the Dutch East Indies, especially on the islands of Java and Sumatra. One used coffee seedlings are arabica coffee seeds from Yemen century -18 (Coffee Arabica coffee beans identical to the results of a large and fragrant) Well, in that era, the working methods Cultuurstelse or ‘Cultivation’ is very well known since 1830 – 1870. The Netherlands is very prohibit indigenous farm workers picking fruit or coffee or taste the result of anything that has our ancestors first planting. And the coffee plant is not for the personal consumption other than the Netherlands.

Over time, the plantation guards who wanted to taste the coffee beans their hard work and then find a ferret who likes to eat the coffee fruit, but only the flesh are digested, the epidermis and the coffee bean is still intact and not digested at all. Plantation guards then picked up the coffee beans in these civet droppings are then washed, roasted, ground and brewed with hot water. This is the beginning of the discovery of coffee with the taste of high-called ‘civet coffee’. Netherlands started to smell aromatic coffee pleasure the news that, then this coffee then become craze of the rich Netherlands. Because coffee is a rare and very unusual process, the coffee luwakpun already a coffee with a very high price since the colonial era.

kopi luwak

Why Kopi Luwak Different?

The question is, why civet coffee to be very good compared to other coffee? In fact, animal mongoose happy to find a fruit that is quite good and ripe. The coffee fruit is also sweet taste of coffee so is the food. Civet has a sensitive sense of smell and will only pick cherries really mature optimal to be food. In this case we already know, the coffee beans are taken Luwak is the best coffee beans.

The second question, why coffee beans are out of the anus can be whole without undigested civet? This is because the mongoose have a simple digestive system, so the hard foods such as coffee beans will not be digested. Other great side again, the coffee beans are still in the stomach of the civet before the animal out with feces has been fermented naturally in the digestive system of the civet. As a result the aroma and taste of civet coffee it feels special and perfect among the fans and coffee lovers worldwide.

We should be proud to be a nation of Indonesia has also become one of the largest Luwak coffee producer in the world. So many places in our country that produce the civet coffee, such as Gayo (Aceh), Sidikalang, Promise Maria Village Central Barumun districts, and the district of Padang. Likewise in Pagaralam city, town Bumi Lampung, West Java, and indeed many more. Indonesia is rich is not it? Kopi Luwak is the ancestral heritage of the world, unfortunately when we never feel the pleasures.


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